I am a strategic communications and marketing professional, runner, environmentalist, diversity and social justice advocate, and a bit of a health nut.

I’m happily married with two four-legged joys, an 9 year old black lab/golden retriever dog and a 11 year old ragdoll cat.

I love cooking, baking, running, listening to audiobooks, yoga, sunny days outside, rainy days on the couch, napping, hiking, dancing, live sporting events, painting, cocktail hour, Netflix and Hulu+ marathons, almost all movie trilogies, the Cubs, the Wisconsin Badgers, singing in the car, and crafting.

I despise every type of vehicle parking authority, milk that comes in yellow cartons, the Muppets (especially Kermit the Frog), automatic sink faucets, U2, wooden cutting boards, movie spoilers, and soggy tacos.